Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feelin' Good!

After more than a week my body and I finally seem to have found a way to get along! I do find it rather irritating to note that when we have these little disputes my body always seems to win the battles. I remember a time when I was on the winning side of those disagreements at least half the time. I guess those days are behind me now. Ah the joys of getting older... At any rate, I am feeling better today. Just trying to power my way through the low energy level as I fully recover. I also discovered that there is one good thing about getting sick. Once you recover, you really appreciate feeling good!

The sun came out today! What a fine treat that is! The kids have been outside enjoying themselves, playing with the cats, collecting bugs, and running off at least a portion of their pent up energy. I expect my visits outside to suck up some fresh air may have helped with the recovery business as well.

This morning we all gathered at the dining room window and watched as a squirrel entertained us with his antics. He had discovered two of the bird feeders we have set up in the trees. He would scamper up one tree, climb out on the limb and do his best to reach the feeder hanging down in front of him. He'd give up on one, scamper down and across to the other tree, running up and out then stretch way down, as far as he could in an attempt to get a good hold on the second feeder. At one point we thought he may have finally met his objective. It was the milk jug feeder. He stretched way down, and somehow moved his little body out to grab hold of the lip. He let go of the tree with his hind legs and managed to hold on for a nano second. The feeder swung wide as that poor little squirrel swung and tumbled back the other direction. He managed to grab hold of the trunk of the tree, ran down and headed off without missing a beat. I think we watched that little fellow for a good hour before he finally gave up. We were really wishing our camera had a zoom option so we could've caught at least a bit of his antics to share, as well as being able to watch it all again ourselves.

We're hoping to finally be able to make our way into town tomorrow. It's been two weeks and, though we could probably make it another two weeks with no problem,we're looking forward to replenishing our supplies, not to mention, pick up some items to liven up our meals a bit. I'm thinking some fresh fruit and vegetables will find their way into our cart. Perhaps another fruit salad would be nice...or I have my eye on a pasta salad that utilizes fresh vegetables I thought might be fun to play with. Hmmm. Now that I think about it, why do I have to make a choice? There's really no reason I can't do both! Yeah, I'm really looking forward to our next shopping trip ;-)

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toomanyhats said...

Glad to hear your feeling better. I LOVE the squirrels...we don't get many here...I put up a squirrel feeder to tempt them into my yard...that and the filbert tree do the trick some. Pasta salad sounds good...I'm SO gonna make one this weekend!