Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Water Woes

Sunday, my son and I both managed to get our showers taken before the latest of our major appliances decided to call it quits. This time it was the hot water heater.

The last few days I've been especially grateful for my working range. As some of you may recall, that was the last appliance to refuse it's services. I've been heating gallons and gallons of water on my stove the last few days, for everything from doing dishes, to washing hair.

Yesterday, we took advantage of the break in the wind gusts, and headed in to town to pick up a new water heater. As it turns out, the old one surpassed the normal life span of a water heater by several years. We were told we definitely got our moneys worth out of it. Good to know.

Once we arrived home from our little excursion, it was getting late,the sky was becoming a bit darker, due to the late afternoon hour, as well as the cloudy blanket above us, which was also providing us with plenty of moisture, for which we weren't feeling so grateful. No point in complaining though. Pa headed for the shop to grab the hand truck, and we quickly transferred our load from the truck and into the shop where it awaits our attention today.

This afternoon, after the kids are finished with their lessons, and have had their lunch, we will once again brave the rain, grab the hand truck, and carefully nestle the water heater upon it's arms. Pa will then wheel it into the house, and proceed to get it set up while the kids and I busy ourselves in other pursuits, none of which will involve water. We're all eagerly anticipating having hot water at the turn of a knob again. I can hardly wait to to once again feel the warm water cascading down over me in the shower.

Lindsay and I were discussing the situation last night. We came to the conclusion that sometimes it's a good thing to be forced to make do without those things we take for granted on occasion. It makes us stop and appreciate those modern conveniences. Come to think of it, this is a great time of year for just that sort of reminder!


C. Gardener said...

I have a friend who has been having the same situation. She goes to her grandmother's house to shower a couple of times a week, and otherwise, just sponge bathes.

I used to live in a tiny little country cottage where the pipes froze every time the temps got under 28 degrees. We had to fill up milk cartons with water every night so we could have coffee and get ready for work. Of course, we bathed at night, but I would only wash my hair in the morning. I remember trying to make three gallons of water work to wash my long hair, pouring very slowly to make sure none was wasted and all the soap got out. It was an experience, to say the least, and I was very thankful when the spring thaw came.

My mother refused to shower (trauma from childhood), and once she could no longer get in and out of the tub, she sponge bathed for the last 30+ years of her life. She was the best smelling person I ever knew.

D.J. said...

It's true we don't miss those little things until they are gone. a couple years ago I rented an apartment that didnt have a tub just a shower. I didn't think it would matter since I was a shower person 99% of the time. then one day i found myself longing to just sit and soak.

Hope you get that hot water up and running soon...