Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Hot Water

Yesterday, after nearly a week of dealing with various challenges our home, and it's odd little quirks which have been incorporated into it's collective being by previous owners, Pa finally managed to get our new hot water heater up and running.

Late yesterday morning, I was finally able to take my long awaited shower. After waiting for what seemed such a long time, the anticipation building higher each day, it was an incredibly satisfying experience. I felt a bit guilty as I realized I was spending more time under the warm pulsating water than I normally would, but I was enjoying it so much! I just couldn't bring myself to cut it short. I justified my lengthy, not so frugal actions by rationalizing I hadn't employed my normal amount of water for bathing purposes in 6 whole days. Thereore, if I extended my enjoyment by even twice the normal time I would still be realizing at least three days worth of savings. I also emerged from the experience in a wonderful mood, which was noted, and enjoyed by my whole family :)

Since we didn't manage our usual shopping trip to town this last week, Pa made a quick run in for a few items to get us by until our next trip in. While there, he decided to stop by Papa Murphy's for a pizza to enjoy during our ....

Saturday Night At The Movies

This week the kids chose Madagascar. Once again they chose well. We all enjoyed this film, which I'm guessing most folks with young'uns have already seen and perhaps moved on to the sequel. If you are not among those numbers, then I would suggest this one is definately worthy of adding to your list of family friendly films to enjoy at some point in the future. However, I see this film is rated PG for, "mild language and crude humour" Although I didn't notice it, I have to admit I was not able to focus completely on the entire film, so perhaps it is not one to simply plop the little ones down to watch unattended.

Today, we are once again enjoying the sun. Not surprisingly this time of year, I understand we are to enjoy it while it lasts. This next week promises to be a busy one for us, as we head out to glean as much wood as we can for our heating purposes before the rain and the wind pay us yet another, probably more extended visit. I've also heard some rumors that the rain and wind may be joined by yet another. Ah, yes, that cranky one with the frigid disposition has sent word that she may be stopping by again soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed her mood has improved a bit since her last rather memorable visit!


toomanyhats said...

Glad to hear your in hot water again! Beeb just saw Madagascar II last week and said it was good too.

bev said...

My oldest daughter is a big fan of animated movies. She brought her copy last time she visited and we had a junk food, popcorn, and movie night. It was fun.
I also rationalize my water usage that way. The DH and DS2 shower daily. I do an every other day thing and take a longer one. Just sayin'.

Dorothy said...

I understand as only a few years ago did I realize I could take long showers, I was always in such a I take as long as I want..I tell people my best ideas come when I'm in the shower...and its true.

Hope all is well..

Dorothy from grammology

HDMac said...

Hope all is well and want to wish you a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!!!!


bev said...

You got tagged. Go to my blog to find out more!

bev said...

I have moved and miss your posts!