Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sunshine On My Shoulders...

The sun is shining! It's bright! It's glowing! It's warm! It's beautiful!

There is but a small whisper of a breeze, the ground is damp, but steaming from the warmth the sun's rays are providing. The birds are flitting about, singing their happy song, and the cat's are basking in their chosen places, rather than hiding under whatever form of shelter they are able to scurry to in the quickest manner (as in this weeks backyard photo).

For the first time in a week, I found myself calling the kids in from their outside pursuits to get started on school. They were reluctant to leave their leaf raking. They're eagerly digging in to their days lessons so they can return to the fun outside. I have yet to hear, "What can I do?"

Keeping my fingers crossed this unscheduled, but very welcome appearance will last through the day. Do I dare to hope it will return again tomorrow?


Kim said...

Ah's beautiful here in Seattle too - nice puffy clouds and plenty of blue sky. I was in need of a break from work so called in sick - glad I did - seems like a great day for a walk to the store to pick up the essentials!

Hoping to have more of the same this winter - last year was so grey - I don't think we had a single clear, crisp winter day last year!

toomanyhats said...

I saw it here today too! Got outside and helped the neighbor rake some leaves as well as work on the compost pile. Rumor has it we get more sun this weekend. I hope it's true!

HDMac said...

:) Drop by my blog as I have an award for you! :)