Friday, November 7, 2008

Boondock Perks

It was yet another fun trip to town yesterday. Pa dropped us off at the Library as usual. We entered the building, and the young 'uns headed towards the book drop off. After depositing their bags full of books and turning around to head towards the aisles to choose from the seemingly endless offerings for this week, one of the Librarians called their names, and asked them to come to the desk. They did as requested, and I stood in the background, listening as I perused the books in front of me. Both Librarians behind the desk proceeded to explain why they had called my children over. It seems a new book had recently been ordered. They explained this book was not even in the system yet, so they would not see it when searching on the computer, but upon noticing this title they had immediately thought of them. My daughter, Lindsay is now first on the list to recieve this book, the latest from one of her favorite series, The Cat Warriors. Once again, the folks at our library, their fondness for my children, and their attention to detail amazed me.

Our location, a small community, associated with a slightly larger, yet by the standards of many, if not most, still a very small community, certainly not a city, does have it's drawbacks. We find ourselves searching in vain for many items not available in our area for purchase. There are certain amenities that require hours, if not an overnight stay to access.

Yet, I feel blessed to live where things flow at a slower pace. Folks have the time, and the inclination to savor the delights that are so easily missed when one feels rushed to get from one place to another, always being pushed along by the crowds, the traffic, the feeling of urgency to get to the next destination. We enjoy a different set of amenities here. Folks have the time to stop and smell the roses. Conversations spring up between the aisles, and in the lines at the grocery stores. Rather than getting angry, grumbling about the hold up in the lines at the Post Office during the holiday madness, folks smile and get to know those they share the line with. There is joking between the customers in line, as well as the folks behind the counter, who greet you by name as you take your turn in front of them. Librarians get to know their patrons. Strangers more often than not are simply friends you have yet to meet.

As we went about our day, heading to the grocery store, I found there were a few items I simply could not find on the shelves. I was frustrated, but found myself looking about me, noticing a few other people in the aisle. I knew, as I began explaining to my children what it was I was searching for, that someone would come to my aid. Sure enough, a lady spoke up. Two of the three items I was searching for would probably not be available in any of the grocery stores in the area. However, she said, I could probably find them at the larger of the two Health Food stores in the area.

So, yeah, there are some inconvenient aspects of living where we do. There may even be times when I get frustrated enough to complain a bit about some of those inconveniences. It doesn't take long though, for me to reflect, and realize I am on the winning end of the trade off, and there's not a thing I would change. Life is good in "The Boondocks".


Dorothy said...

What a beautiful story about your town and I love that you take your children to the library. My daughter has library cards for each of her children while they grew up and now Noah 5 and William 14 have cards they use all the time.

So my dear lady...we have many values we agree to in this life. Sherry lives in Eden New York which is the boondocks and every time I drive the 43 miles from my home I treasure every second from the time I exit the thruway and experience the beautiful country. It's my meditation time to thank God for the privilege of
enjoying what farm country can be if you do as you said; take time to smell the roses.

And every trip and I've been there weekly since the snow stopped...and I can't wait until my next trip..

Blessing to you and your family...

Dorothy from grammology

Renae said...

I grew up and lived most of my life in the "boondocks." I do miss it. We had to plan trips to the city, but I enjoyed the slower pace of life.

HDMac said...

What a wonderful group you have working at the library! Reading is so important and it IS fun!!! And that the librarians realize that and ENCOURAGE that for the young'uns is great!

Love the story of your town. There may be trade offs of living in the smaller community but with todays internet, we can still find what we need, too!!

So did you enjoy all that you got from Costco? :)