Saturday, November 15, 2008

America The Beautiful ??

Less than two weeks ago, in America, we had an election. Before the night was over most Americans were aware of who our next President would be. While not a huge landslide, it was certainly not contestable. John McCain was most gracious in his concession speech. I was proud of him. Americans stepped forward, breaking through both party, and racial barriers. I was proud of my Country.

Naturally, as with any election process, there are going to be those who are disappointed, some perhaps even angry. Eight years ago I was less than thrilled with the outcome of the election. At that time, just about half the citizens of our country felt the same way I did. However, I did not hear words of hatred from the losing side. Most folks were able to continue to foster friendships with those who may have had different political views. Not once do I recall hearing a call for assassination of the then President elect. I do not recall hearing or seeing news reports of vandalism of personal property, bets of when the President elect might be taken out, along with what amounts to cheering any such attempts on. I don't remember anyone feeling physically threatened for having voted for him.

I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at the news reports I'm seeing today. School buses full of elementary school students, many as young as second grade, chanting, calling for the assassination of our President elect. Crosses being burned in peoples front yards. Threats against life and property of our citizens, in retaliation for daring to vote for a man who's skin tone happens to dark. There have been physical assaults. At least one child was suspended from school for daring to wear a t-shirt bearing the image of the next President of our Country.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to think. I am saddened. I'm disappointed, not in the election process, but in the aftermath. I still feel some pride in our nation for so many being able to move past the ugly, hate filled era of our nation's past, but I am saddened to realize that ugliness is still festering unchecked in the hearts of so many in our country. It makes me even more sad, and angry that this unwarranted hatred is not only accepted, but actually encouraged, being taught to so many of our young people, those whose minds should still be at that sweet, innocent stage of life.

While I still have hope for our nation, I find myself thinking how ironic is our name, The United States of America. A week ago, I was proud. Now I'm just disgusted.


HDMac said...

Connie, I do hear you. Although I am not thrilled with the election results, I realize that history was made on November 4th. I am sad VERY sad that there are people that have no sense of decency and honor and would behave this way. Sadden even more that young children are responding in this way! They are the future of America! (by the way, I had not heard this!) It is time to regain pride in America and to live according to the expectations and ground rules set forth in our constitution by our founding fathers and ancestors. Burning crosses? Let's walk forward, not backwards in our faith in this country! Two sides come together for the better good of this ONE country! :) Maybe it is time to put the pride of America BACK in our schools!!!!!

This is certainly a thought provoking post and well put.

toomanyhats said...

I saw the report about the 2nd graders too...they did not even know what the word they were using meant. Churches are being attacked for daring to stand up for the institution of Marriage between a man and a woman too. An elderly couple attacked..lesbians taking over a church service throwing condoms around and making out in front of children..The nastiness is there...on both sides in living color. A middle schooler being called a racist for wearing a Palin T-shirt... The media reports what they choose to report ...and it's been there all along...remember the folks that were gonna "leave the country" when Bush got elected...and "NOT my President" bumper stickers?

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Marcia, thank you for a great comment.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a link to post for the story I gleaned this information from, but if you want to read it, it's from the Associated Press, so you could probably search for it through an AP link at most any news site. The title was "Election spurs 'hundreds' of race threats, crimes" By JESSE WASHINGTON

Alexandra said...

I saw that same title about this, but I haven't seen it on the news. It's so depressing that I don't want to seek out this information. Thankfully this sort of thing is not happening anywhere around here, but then my city is almost 50% black(integrated), many of whom are middle to upper class. It just would be silly for that sort of ignorance to occur here.

I have read about the other hate crimes against the Mormon church in Utah and California for whom I feel great empathy, and I'm sure the Pope. He frequently burned in effigy. Sigh...were is the love!