Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Walk On The Wild Side

It's Tuesday already! Our rainy weekend, which followed us into Monday, is still here, but it has been joined by yet another force of nature. The rain is still coming down but, rather than pouring straight down, as it has been the last few days, it has been joined by an old buddy, the wind. Together they are washing over us at various angles. While not my idea of weather related perfection, I have to admit, at the very least, it breaks up the monotony of the steady thumping the rain by itself provided.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a brief break in the downpour. Nathan took advantage of the break and, with a few of our feline family members at his side enjoyed a little stroll around the property, and part way down the driveway to inspect the diversion ditches he and Pa had worked so hard on.

He came running back, burst through the front door, out of breath and wide eyed, exclaimed he had just witnessed an incredible sight! As he was wandering down the driveway, and was nearing the "pond" that he and Pa had constructed to slow the flow of the rainwater gushing down the side ditches, he stopped short, and gazed in amazement at the little family before him. A mama raccoon, and her three youngsters looked up at him from the "pond" where they had been enjoying a drink. Naturally, he named each of the babies. The one who had been playing in the pond is now known as "Splash". "Claws" was holding on to the edge of the muddy soil surrounding the pond. The one he liked the best he named "Peek". Peek was the curious one of the bunch. Mama simply snarled before rounding up her little brood and herding them back into the wooded area on the other side of the drive.

Fortunately, the older, and more protective members of our kitty family had chosen to stay closer to the house for this little stroll. The kittens which accompanied Nathan were easy enough for him to control. Like "Peek", they were curious, but cautious, and chose to stay close by their human's side.

Just another day in the Boondocks..;)

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