Monday, May 5, 2008

A rough night..

Lindsay came down with a cold on Saturday. Nothing too horrible, but not fun either. By last evening Nathan was feeling less than wonderful. As usual, Nathan's version is worse. The bright side is that his versions of illnesses usually don't hold on as long. We're hoping that by tomorrow morning he'll be back to his usual self. In the meantime, we're all lacking in energy and I'm not feeling particularly inspired.

Thursday was our high point of last week. Lindsay got her Library card! Afterwards, we found some great deals at Safeway, and were able to replenish the freezer a bit.

Saturday, I planted bulbs while Pa went to town and got more fence posts. Then the two of us put up the fence, so the garden addition is now safe from curious kitties and deer. Hopefully it will keep the raccoons out as well! Yesterday, I got two rows of peas, and three rows of spinach planted. Depending on how Nathan's feeling, I hope to have the rest of that garden seeded by tomorrow, then I can get started with the finishing touches of garden #1. Hoping to be all done with both by the weekend, then maybe I can get back to my knitting!

I'll try to post again very soon. Hopefully this weeks backyard photo, taken by Lindsay will keep you all sated until then.


LIs said...

Hey Connie,
Me Lis Hope I got the right site. Sounds like you are busy. Knitting and working the land. I am such a city girl now. Some days I think it would be good to get back to the land.
my email pharmdedu (@)
Hope to hear from you soon.

toomanyhats said...

Sorry the kids are sick. Katie's had a cold too...much easier without tonsils though!

I'm still working on getting the dirt ready in my garden...Now I have a blister on my hand. grrr.

Kim's Mom said...

Hi Lis!

Glad you were able to find me! I'll get a note off to you soon. Just need to get through the "bugs" invading us first. I saw your profile. Neat photo, and nice description. Hope to see you start a blog soon!

Thanks for the comment. Hope Katie gets better soon.
I'm still working on my garden as well, and still getting blisters. LOL Seems we have a lot of gardening and critter things in common this season!