Friday, May 16, 2008

An Overcorrection?

3 mornings ago, the first thing Pa did upon rising was to get the fire going in the woodstove. The kids and I all donned our warm winter robes to fend off the morning chill until the woodstove warmed up enough to begin radiating it's comforting heat to the rest of the room. 3 mornings ago we were using the Aladdin lamp to light the dining room table for school, because it had the added benefit of warming the room as well.

3 days ago, I was fretting about my garden, wondering if the weather would be warm enough for my seeds to actually sprout in the garden. I was hoping I hadn't jumped ahead too soon in planting some of my vegetable plants. I was concerned that we might yet have a frosty night they wouldn't appreciate. 3 days ago, I was wearing a warm sweatshirt, and my jacket over that to keep warm when I ventured outside.

3 nights ago, I was wearing my warm winter nightgown to bed. I was entering the bedroom at least 20 minutes before retiring to turn the heater on to warm the room. 3 nights ago, before heading to bed myself, I made sure the kids were all covered up with 3 warm blankets, in addition to their warm quilted comforters. When I finally made it to my bed, I was pulling up all the covers available to me, including the warm wool blanket Pa had gifted me with several years ago.

Yesterday we went to town. I wore the lightest short sleeve top I could find. Lindsay wore shorts, and still complained she was hot. We stopped off at Taco Bell for dinner as it was just too hot to cook at home.

Last night we all broke out our summer "jammies'. Lindsay and I both wore the coolest cotten nightgowns we could find. I donned my cool cotton summer robe. Last night I found myself seriously considering making a paper fan. Before retiring to bed, I checked both kids to make sure they were sleeping soundly, and I covered them each with a sheet. When I finally headed to bed myself, I pulled up a sheet. A few minutes later I pushed it aside, and found myself wishing I had an air conditioner, or at the very least a fan to turn on to cool the air.

This morning we planned to work in the garden. It was too hot. Although I planted my peas, and other cool temperature loving plants in a shadier area, I am now concerned it may be too hot for them. This morning, as I looked outside at the thermometer, it was reading 118º in the sun. It is currently (2:42 PM) reading 92º in the shade.

Last season's guest, Dame Winter, was in a very cranky mood. It would seem this season's guest, the Spring Sprite is doing her best to make up for all that crankiness. As much as I appreciate her efforts, I'm thinking we need to get the message across to her that she overcorrected.

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toomanyhats said...

I am quite certain this is an over-correction!