Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Blind Mouse

This morning I grabbed a cup of coffee and turned my computer on, as usual. I sipped my coffee while waiting for the computer to wake up. As it greeted me, I grabbed my mouse and moved it in the direction I needed the cursor to move so I could log on. The cursor just sat there and stared back at me! I thought this a bit rude, and uttered at it before attempting to move it again. Again, it just stared back at me. Huh!!

I picked up my mouse, and noticed there was no little red "eye" looking back at me. Oh No! What to do? I couldn't even go online to find a list of "F" keys so I could at least attempt to navigate! I played with the arrow keys and somehow managed to click on my name. Great. Now I could enjoy the view on my desktop as that little white arrow sat right smack dab in the middle of it and continued to stare back at me.

After considering my little dilemma for a while, it occurred to me that we probably had at least one old mouse laying around somewhere, just waiting to be cuddled. The question was...Where??..Lindsay thought she remembered seeing one in the shop, so she and Daniel wandered out there, confident they would find it near the old PC. They returned empty handed though, and we all began brainstorming. Where in the world might we find a lonely mouse?

I looked at Daniel just as he was having what I recognized as a light bulb moment. He walked into the other room, and looked in the cabinet which holds, among other things, unused electronic gadgets. Of course!! He returned with a rather dusty looking white mouse, it's long gray tail trailing behind.

While I finished my coffee Daniel set to hooking it up. Within 30 minutes I was warming the little critter in the palm of my hand. Poor thing was so cold and evidently feeling rather neglected, as his movements, evidenced by the cursor, were rather hesitant and quite jerky. I carefully opened him up and performed a cleansing surgery with my tweezers. He seems to feel better now.

Thursday, we plan to pick up a new mouse, with a bright red, all seeing eye. I may have to pull the old white mouse out on occasion though. Don't want him to feel neglected. Who knows when I may need him to come out and play again?


HDMac said...

Smiling! Connie your writings amuse me! I just love this!! Bless your heart.

Connie said...


Thanks for stopping my my blog.
I love your 'Ma's Babbling'. I can see how you daughter that moved to the city is starting her own business. You are so enterprizing! I'll keep reading your posts for inspiration. Your blog is going on my Grand Roll.