Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Top 7 List of Nagging Questions

Nagging Question #7
Skin So Soft
Why do you suppose it is that when I'm working on a knitting or crochet project that is simple, and utilizes a basic, easy care yarn my hands are in good shape, my skin is soft and smooth, and my nails are nearly flawless, yet as soon as I choose to work on a lace pattern, or a yarn that snags easily, my hands inexplicably turn dry and I inevitably develop at least one jagged nail?

Nagging Question #6
Speaking of skin and timing...How is it that my skin somehow retains a smooth, healthy glow for months on end yet, when a special event presents itself, such as a wedding, or another celebration or family event where photos are sure to be taken, I develop a zit?!? For that matter, I seem to remember similar traumas in my teen years... Isn't once in a lifetime enough? ?

Nagging Question #5
Supply and Demand
What mysterious force deems when I have absolutely no desire to consume a particular food or beverage item it just sits there, but when I develop a sudden craving for it, everyone else in the family seems to have developed the same craving, making it disappear just before I reach for it?

Nagging Question #4
How does my computer know what time it is? And why is it that ever since the rules for time changes were amended does it keep losing an hour? Where does my computer get it's time and date information? I always just figured it was from Colorado. If that's the case then...Colorado? I think we have a problem!

Nagging Question #3
The Great Zapping mystery
If, as I've been told, food cooks from the inside out when microwaved, then why is it when I zap my macaroni and cheese, the edges burn, turning hard and brown while the center remains frozen?

Nagging Question #2
The Unintentional Rock Garden
Why is it that when I head out to my garden every Spring I find, and remove multitudes of rocks of various shapes and sizes from the soil? I remove them from the top surface. I dig down, sifting through the soil and remove them from below the surface. I remove all I can find, then I sow my seeds, and transplant my seedlings, only to return the next morning to find more rocks staring at me! Where are all these rocks and pebbles coming from?

Nagging Question #1
Snap Crackle Pop!
You know that dull aching feeling you get? In the fore-arm for instance. It comes out of nowhere, just aching. You straighten your arm out, giving it a little jerk. It "pops" and all is well again.
What was that "pop?" I really want to know what portion of my body is "popping" and why!


toomanyhats said...

It's the supply and demand one. Isn't that the truth! why do you have the Salvation Army disaster relief on your links?? Do you have a feeling of impending doom?

Kim's Mom said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment!

The reason I posted the Salvation Army link was because I wanted to do something to assist those suffering from the devastation in China and Burma. Then I figured it seems there's always something happening, so why not just post a general "Disaster Relief" link, in hopes that it might make donating easier for those who are able and willing?

Connie said...

The 'zit' thing is one I have been plagued with, although the last special occassion I attended, a wedding for my son, I was zitless! Maybe it takes getting older to have the occassional zitless special occassion. I enjoyed reading your nagging questions.