Friday, May 9, 2008

One Week Down

Yesterday was our weekly trip to town. It was a fun day. We started out at the Library, as usual. The kids both found plenty of reading material, and a fun movie for their Saturday movie night.This weeks feature event is, "Dunston Checks In". I also found two books, both for the kids this time, to purchase. At 25¢ a piece, I may fulfill my dream of having my home library yet. Of course that means we need to add a bookshelf on occasion. Currently, I think 2 new bookshelves would do the trick. I'm debating over keeping my eyes peeled for sales and thrift store finds, or perhaps plan a project for Nathan and his tool box.

While the kids and I browsed at the Library, Daniel made the weekly Post Office run. Lindsay was thrilled when he returned with her new "fun" eye patches, from Ortopad. They're a wee bit more expensive than those available in the stores, but not much, and they make patching time so much more fun for her, they're worth it. If anyone has a child with Strabismus, Amblyopia, or any condition which requires eye patching, this place is worth a look! I was tickled to see the new spelling books I'd ordered had arrived.

At the grocery store I was able to find all the ingredients needed for the end of our study on Germany. The kids and I will be having fun creating a German meal this weekend. Now I just need to check out NOAA and determine which day I'll be least tempted to spend the whole day out in the garden, so we can put that meal together!

Next week our Social Studies lesson will take us to Peru. I still need to search for the perfect fun project to end that study with.

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toomanyhats said...

A link to the daughter of some friends...
They are homeschoolers who live in Peru! Thought it might be fun for your Peru study.
The kitty picture by Nathan is TOO cute!