Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brunch In The Boondocks

Brunch In The Boondocks
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Thanks to DJ, at The Flour Alchemist, we had Stuffed French Toast for brunch today. I only made a couple changes to his recipe. We lightened it up just a wee bit by substituting whole milk for the cream he called for. We also used Neufchatel cheese, rather than cream cheese (an option he mentioned), and we warmed up some canned cherry pie filling I had picked up awhile back and never got around to using. and used that in place of syrup. We also ended up making it "sandwich" style as we couldn't find whole loaves of french bread at the store we ended up at this last week.

It was delicious! Nathan had 3 1/2 servings! Lindsay had 1 1/2, as did I. Pa only had one serving. He complained that it didn't taste like french toast. I explained that was understandable considering he dumped close to half a pie worth of filling on top of it! LOL

Thank you DJ for a great recipe!


Dorothy said...

Thanks for visiting my site and being so kind with your words regarding my stopping blogging. Thus I'll keep you posted, and glad your back if only until you need to take a break. Be healthy and be happy.


Dorothy from grammology

Kim said...

You mentioned french toast in your email, and Nick was all about it for our day off of school today! He says I make the best french toast ever....funny that you hadn't mentioned the cherries on top - I'm doing the same thing! I'm making moreno cherries rather than using the canned stuff...a super super easy recipe that saves really well! I'll be blogging about it for sure today!

bev said...

I looks amazing! Wish I could have some too.

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