Monday, March 9, 2009

Winter's Last Fling?

Although yesterday's weather caused some excitement, as well as a bit of confusion for us, as well as the cats, this morning was even more surprising.

Pa was the first to wake, which was itself a bit of a surprise. By the time the kids and I joined him I could smell the coffee brewing, and the living room was already beginning to feel warm from the fire he had built in the wood stove. What really got my attention though was the view that greeted me as I glanced out the front window. I merely stood there and pointed. It only took a few seconds for my children to follow my finger and begin jumping up and down. The ground, as well as the bench and the vehicles was covered in a light dusting of white, and the trees, of various shades of green were adorned with pure white lace.

A short while later the snowflakes began to fall once again. They started big, then became smaller, as they grew in quantity. By the time they had once again grown larger, and less frequent the kids were begging me to declare today a snow day.

Although there really wasn't enough snow to stick to the point of such a drastic proclamation, I did understand their excitement, and they had made a lot of progress last week, as well as Monday normally being a light school day to begin the week anyway, so I gave in. They were required to make their weekly Monday journal entries. Everything else will wait a day, and we shouldn't have any trouble catching up by weeks end.

The snow did return a couple more times, then the sun came out. The kids are now outside taking advantage of the cool, but otherwise pleasant weather. The cats are happy to have their humans about to keep them company for the afternoon.

The weather forecasts I've been seeing are promising warmer, spring like days in the near future. Nathan is particularly excited about that prospect and has already planted some seeds in celebration. Pa and I have been amazed to note Nathan has actually managed to keep some vegetables growing throughout the winter. If all goes as he plans, he'll have some spring vegetables growing right alongside his winter bounty soon. With the exception of a few green onions, which survived a winter in spite of my ignorance one year, I've never grown produce year round. Honestly, it just hadn't occurred to me that it may be a possibility. When it comes to gardening I bow to my son, who it seems has taken over as teacher, with Ma as his proud and amazed, yet eager student.

As the young'uns enjoy their unscheduled day off, Pa and I are working at getting a few extra things done around the house. With the sun now gleaming through the windows, it is a much more pleasurable task than it otherwise might be. It's nice thinking that we are getting a jump on spring cleaning.

Tomorrow our regular schedule resumes. After a three day weekend of sorts, I expect that day will be greeted cheerfully. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the sun will join us in our day of cheer.


toomanyhats said...

WE've been doing more of the 4 seasons days! Do you have a past blog post on growing potatoes? I bought a box of seed potatoes at the farm store today...My last effort was a dismal failure....Try, try again.

Dorothy said...

There is so much rain and so little sun I'm getting stir crazy...soon I'll resort to a sun lamp as I'm seriously lacking serotonin..I hope that's the right spelling. Anyway I'm sick of winter..or worse rain and no spring please hurry...

Dorothy from grammology

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Carol, yes, there was a psot on growing potatoes. but I didn't have real good luck with them either. I used plastic bags, rolled down then rolled them up as they grew and needed to "topped off". I had 2 problems with that. First, I found the bugs liked those bags as much as the taters did. Second, I think it just got too hot for them in those black bags. I may try the same basic principle again, but with lighter colored bags, and/or in a less sunny spot. Also might try "clean" soil, rather than that from the garden area.

Another option I'm considering is the hay method. Had a friend years ago that used that with good results.
Dorothy, yeah, we're anxious for Spring as well. Keeping our fingers crossed the forecast is right and Spring is on it's way. Last years weather was so lacking in Spring and Summer weather that I think it makes me yearn all the more for it this year. Hope you get your sunny days soon!