Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Culinary Adventure Begins

Yesterday was a busy day at our house. While the kids took advantage of the limited sunshine, I cut chicken breasts into strips and pounded them flat. By the time I was finished with that, the sun was hiding behind clouds, and it was beginning to sprinkle. Perfect timing!

The kids were directed to the sink where they washed their hands, while I quartered a lime, and set it out, along with the chicken strips. My children took their places at the table and began vigorously rubbing the chicken strips with the lime portions, while I proceeded to peel and mince some fresh ginger root.

Once the chicken was all rubbed down, and the ginger was processed, Nathan busied himself peeling garlic, while Lindsay held a zip lock bag open for me to deposit the various marinade ingredients. First, there was the 1/2 cup of Oyster Sauce, followed by 1/2 cup of Teriyaki Sauce (the original recipe called for sweet dark soy sauce, which no one I spoke to had ever heard of so I decided it sounded an awful lot like Teriyaki sauce and went with it). Next, I crushed several cloves of the garlic (about 2 Tbsp. worth) Nathan had peeled for me, and added them to the mix, before adding the ginger (about 2 Tbsp.), about 1 tsp. each of salt and freshly ground pepper,several more whole cloves of garlic, and the prepared chicken strips. The bag was then secured, and the contents mixed up real good, before Pa took it out to the freezer.

Saturday Night At The Movies

After our busy day, we had dinner (Spaghetti), then the kids settled down in front of the TV for their weekly movie event. This week, they chose to watch Dr. Dolittle 3, starring Kyla Pratt and Walker Howard. We all enjoyed this film, although Lindsay and I seemed to get more out of it than Pa and Nathan did. Perhaps that was due to the focus on the daughter and the teen romance element. I have to admit, I did miss Eddy Murphy's presence in this one, but the story line (at least from a female point of view) was fun, and the acting was good. We're giving this one 7 (out of 8) thumbs up, as it was a fine family film, enjoyed by all, and there were plenty of chuckles, as well as some action for the fellows. The only drawback for our family was the romantic element that the "boys", and in particular, our preteen son didn't seem to appreciate so much the girls.

Today, our culinary "homework" continues, in hopes that we'll be able to get everything together in time to prepare our Thai meal tomorrow evening or, if the weather doesn't cooperate, as the main dish will cooked out on the grill, perhaps Tuesday. We're all getting excited about this meal, and I'm looking forward to experimenting more with these ingredients in the near future.

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

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toomanyhats said...

I had Thai yellow curry last was SO good that I've decided I have to learn how to make it. Uses coconut milk which is supposed to be VERY good for you. I'll be interested to hear how your experiment turns out.