Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Resolution #1..Gotta Love A Challenge!

Perhaps a little late, but at least it is during the first week of the first month of the year, I have made my first New Years resolution. Not surprisingly, it is very closely related to last years resolution, which was to learn to knit sweaters, as well as at least begin to think about designing my own. Having accomplished both those goals, with various degrees of success, it seemed only natural to add another knitting goal for 2009.

As with the latter of my knitting goals for the previous year, designing a garment, I have found myself saddled with a challenge for which I just can't seem to find a satisfactory pattern anywhere!

After doing some rather extensive searching I gave up and decided I would create my own version of this product, hopefully based on a pattern for a related item. Upon reflection, and after several false starts I've come to the conclusion it may not be the best idea to attempt to create ones own version of a product without knitting up one of a design created by someone more knowledgeable than I, especially when it involves a technique I have never had the nerve to try before. Of course, the fact that I had never even heard of this type of product before may be a factor as well. Just the same, the challenge had been set before me, and it had to do with knitting. How could I not proceed?

And so I found myself at Joann's, poring over what seemed to me to be a rather skimpy selection of DPNs (for those non knitters out there, these are Double pointed needles, something commonly used for knitting socks). Having no idea what size I would ultimately end up needing for my project, I decided to grab several different sizes, just in case. I did spot one "bonus" set of 5 each of several small sizes, and grabbed that, as well as 2 sets of 4, in slightly larger sizes.

Yesterday, after getting my household chores done, I sat myself down on the couch and emptied out the "bonus" package. The first thing I noticed was this package had been opened and taped back together. Thinking this a red flag of sorts, I opened it very carefully and proceeded to count the contents. Hmmm. I was missing 2 needles. I then proceeded to carefully place all the needles back into their container, and placed them back in the bag, along with the receipt which, thankfully, I had somehow managed to retain.

I then grabbed the smaller of the 2 other sets I had purchased and set to work. As it turns out, I have a feeling that is the smallest of the sizes I may be able to get away with so that worked out okay. I proceeded to cast on, and knit my little triangle. It looked great. I took a little break then began picking up and knitting around the triangle, setting everything up on 3 DPNs. When I was finished with this step I held my work up to admire it. It looked wonderful! So cute and neat looking, on it's three needles so perfectly aligned. Then I noticed something seemed off. I stared at this piece, wondering how in the world I had managed to end up with my beginning stitch on the wrong end of the last needle, and how was I to deal with this?

Finally I came to the conclusion that when the pattern I was basing my project on said to pick up all the stitches around then knit them, it really meant what it said, and perhaps I shouldn't have second guessed them by choosing to pick up and knit each stitch in turn.

Alrighty then! First lesson learned! I can't help but wonder how many more lessons I'm going to learn with my newest knitting venture. In the meantime I went with a previously learned lesson from last spring. When the knitting gets frustrating,to the point you are tempted in the worse way to let loose with a primordial scream sure to cause an alarmed neighbor to call the authorities, calmly put it down, and immediately change your sensible dinner plans to the most comforting food available. I felt much better after consuming my comfort meal of choice, macaroni and cheese, with a liberal side of spinach to help allay the guilt :)

Today we are heading back to town for an appointment. Once we're done there we'll be heading back to Joann's, where I expect to be able to exchange my skimpy package of "bonus" needles for a full size package with relative ease. This evening, I cast on once again....


bev said...

I don't know what you are making, but, you could try a simple sock pattern for starters. They work up quickly on sport weight yarn. It will give you the feel for DPNs and if you need help you could just send me an email.

toomanyhats said...

Macaroni and Cheese with spinach!! I thought I was the only one in the world that loved that! Wow, we must be related or something. Too funny! I've been contemplating pulling out the knitting needles...I'm thinking an easy scarf before I try and tackle all those new patterns someone sent me for Christmas.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thank you, Bev! You have no idea how much I appreciate your assistance!

Carol, LOL Yup! A large side of spinach is just the thing to chase the guilt away, and it's good too!

I'm sorry I haven't responded to your last email. I just loved your response to the knitting calendar gift. It was exactly what I was hoping for! As Bev would say, "You can do it!" And of course I'll be happy to help in any way I can, but, keep in mind, as my most recent post suggests,I still have a lot to learn myself! LOL

Dorothy said...

I knitted years ago and loved it. Just spoke to two friends in my office and we've decided to to start knitting together. One of them is left handed like me and thinks he can help me remember what to do again.

good luck on your project take photos and let us see...

Dorothy from grammology