Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe it'll be 2010 in just a few hours! 2009 just flew by!

Also hard to believe it's been so long since I posted last. It's been a rough season for us healthwise. Halloween we took the kids to the Mall as usual, and as usual, two days later the "bugs" caught up with us. We swapped flue bugs back and forth for a bit, then started sharing cold bugs.

By the time Lindsay's Birthday had arrived on the 20th we were all feeling better, but still hanging on to symptoms to the point we ended up putting her special outing off. Guess we have that to look forward to in the New Year. The kids are all better now while Pa and I are slowly but surely limping our way back to our usual relatively healthy selves. I guess these things take a bit longer as a body gets older...

Still wore out it, seemed even more stressful than usual having Christmas follow so close behind a Birthday, but we managed for the most part and the kids seemed quite happy with their gifts, even though there weren't quite so many under the tree this year. I expect we weren't the only parents explaining the realities of the economy to their children this year.

One thing we miss here is Christmas snow, but there are some benefits to a warmer climate, especially when Ma Nature cooperates and holds off on the rain for Christmas day. The kids had a ball with one of their shared Christmas gifts.
Fun On Christmas Day

Doin' The Ogo Dance

The next day they played with their "OgoSports" disks some more, then Lindsay pulled out her new stilts.
She's Doin' It!

The stilts are called "Walkaroos" and their great! Designed for ease and safety in learning, they also feature a great extending design which means they'll grow with Lindsay all the way into adulthood if she's still interested by then. Who knows? Maybe I'll even get brave enough to give them a try one of these days! Now there would be a picture!

For anyone with active children I highly recommend both these items for gifting!

Tonight, as the wind and rain do their thing outside we'll be enjoying pizza, followed by oodles of popcorn as we do whatever we dream up for fun. Maybe a game, or perhaps enjoy a movie until the New Years show starts at 10. The kids are looking forward to staying up til midnight. Pa and I are figuring the kids will be giggling as we drop off sometime before the magic hour. Hopefully they'll be kind enough to toss a blanket or two over us before they head into bed! ;-)

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year !


Dorothy said...

I am so relieved your alright glad you took the time you needed to recharge..we're just staying home too no one here we're relaxing and hoping to not do much tomorrow either, it's been one lean year the worst I've ever had in my career I pray next year is better...

Thanks for letting me know your alright I kept checking back..couldn't find your email so I had to just watch..take it slow and do what you need to survive.


Dorothy from grammology

Carol G. said...

Glad to see you back to blogging and hopefully feeling better. Happy New Year. The box was greatly enjoyed by all involved!!! You nailed it this year!

Marcia said...

Good to see you!!!!! Hope that 2010 will be better healthwise. Those flu bugs have been nasty. DH and I fighting a cold right now. Happy New Year to you and yours, Connie!


Marcia said...