Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rain In The Boondocks

A likely puddle
Originally uploaded by boondockma
Any time of year
If you visit here
You'll most likely find...
Clouds and
Rain in the Boondocks

When the sun comes out
Folks don't fear a drought
They know it's close behind...
Rain in the Boondocks

Don't bother waterin' the garden
It's June and so we know
The clouds, they soon will gather
and bring
Rain in the Boondocks

We make the most of the sun
But we know clouds can be fun
Anything goes in our backyard
When there's
Rain in the Boondocks

If for Oregon you're bound
Bring an umbrella along
Grab Galoshes too
'cause there's
Rain in the Boondocks

The air is fresh and clean
I hear the Robin's sing
May as well join in
It's just
Rain in the boondocks

The folks around our town
Laugh and splash their way around
All the puddles to be found
When it's
Rain in the boondocks

As the drops come falling down
Children gather round
Catching drops upon their tongues
Gotta love that
Rain in the boondocks Laughing In The Rain


toomanyhats said...

We had RAIN in our boondocks oh my...and tornado warnings!! This looks like it should be sung to some familiar tune...just can't quite decide what. Great post.

bev said...

that had me smiling! Loved it.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Carol, tornado warnings?? Wow! Sounds like a weather system got lost! How exciting!

Thanks to both of you for your comments. Guess I was feeling a bit silly that day :)

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