Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Bumblebee

Sweet Clover
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Bumblebee oh so happy
In the clover field so sweet
Flowers white filled with pollen
She'll drink deep to sate her needs

Her bags full with golden nectar
From the many flowers about
Pollinating as she twitters
Between blossoms one by one

Somewhere near a hive awaits her
At days end she will return
To deposit her golden bounty
The treasure oh so dear

Bumblebees oh so busy
In their hives at end of day
Turning all collected pollen
Into waxy honey sweet

Yesterday, Pa mowed down our little field of clover. Before he did that I managed to get a couple pictures of the bees that were making the most of the pollen those flowers contained. It's no wonder there were so many bees, as walking out into the area I was almost overpowered by the sweet aroma eminating from all those flowers!

The month of June has certainly had it's ups and downs at our house.

We have enjoyed a couple trips to the beach, the memories of which we especially relished as illnesses took over. Lindsay managed to get over her illness, but not before sharing the bugs with her brother. She has always been such a generous girl. Nathan got over it with amazing speed, but that only lasted one day, before it returned with a vengeance!

Naturally, as a Mother I responded by worrying and getting less and less sleep each night. Last night I finally managed to get more than 4 hours of sleep!

Today the kids and I are all feeling much better, which is a very good thing as it means we can go to town, get more books at the library, check our mail, and stock up on groceries!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the end of our family illnesses for the season and that I will continue to catch up on sleep. I've found as I've gotten older it takes me longer to recover from those sleep deprived nights than it did in years past.


SonyaAnn said...

We teach our kids to share but there are a few things that we wish they wouldn't.
I do hope that you get caught up on your sleep. I'm terribly cranky if I don't get enough sleep. Take care of the family and especially yourself.

toomanyhats said...

I'm surprised how much illness I"m hearing about this summer. Hoping no one shares it with us!! Glad everyone is doing better.

Dorothy said...

Awe I'm so sorry for you hope all is getting better loved the bumblebee post..

Hugs, Dorothy from grammology

chubskulit said...

Off topic, just a quick visit...

Just want to express my gratitude to all of you who offers such a strong support to my family, with your prayers and encouraging words it lighten up the burdens we are feeling. We will be flying tonight going to the Philippines to attend to my brother's funeral.

Please include us in your prayers especially my children, for them not to catch the h1n1 virus that is going around the country. Thank you all once again!

A.Marie said...

Hi there! Hope that this ends the illnesses so that you can catch up on some sleep!! :)

Stuff could always be worse said...

What a great post about a bumblebee. Hope all gets better with your health.

HDMac said...

Connie, I hope you are all feeling better! :) Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you!


PS... you take some of the BEST nature pics!!!!

Dorothy said...

Now I'm worried are you alright please let us know.

Dorothy from grammology

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thank you all your comments!We finally seem to have beaten back the various "bugs" that have been plagueing us the last couple months. Now I'm just working at getting my strength back and we're all playing catch-up with all those things we didn't manage to get done during our down time. I'll be around to visit you all soon!