Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yet Another Sleep-Out...When Will I Learn?

For a month or better Lindsay has been asking when we could have another sleep-out in the living room. Thursday evening I gave in and honored her request. You'd think I would have learned my lesson last time around...

Last time we pulled out and made up the hide-a-bed for our sleep out, Lindsay warned me that she is a kicker, and I may get kicked during the night. As you may recall, that was not a problem. However, she did keep me up at least half the night with her tossing and turning, talking and talking....

Evidently she remembered last time too, and decided to give me a bit of a break in that respect. Perhaps her memory of last time, and the surprising revelation that she had not kicked me that time is the reason she neglected to remind me that she is a kicker.

Thursday night, once we got over our initial girly giggles, and settled down to sleep, she did not wake me repeatedly to ask me something, or to relate some truly astonishing fact she had come up with. Neither was I awakened by constant tossing and turning. I did not, however, get a good nights sleep. This time around I was awakened by sharp jabs to various parts of my increasingly sore body. Yes, Lindsay's kicking tendencies were in full evidence Thursday night. As if that wasn't enough, I woke up several times wondering why I was so cold! I knew the covers we had chosen were more than big enough to cover both of us, as well as being more than warm enough to do the job. But I was cold! Once I shivered myself awake enough to comprehend what the problem was, I as gently as possible pulled the covers back over to cover my body. For all the good that did me. I found myself shivering awake several times during the night. The next morning, as I did my best to force my sleep deprived eyes open I was amazed to note that not only was I once again lacking covers, whereas my daughter was not but... the floor on her side of the bed was being kept toasty warm as well, by the covers which were oddly lacking on my side of the bed.

Next time Lindsay and I have a sleep-out in the living room, things are going to be situated a bit differently. We will pull out the hide-a-bed as usual, only this time I will have plenty of covers for my side of the bed. Lindsay, on the other hand, will have a nice, cozy slumber bag on her side of the bed. The slumber bag will be zipped securely, all the way up. Lindsay will be inside the slumber bag so she will have no reason to steal my covers. As an added bonus, I am hopeful being zipped up within the bag will protect me from at least a portion of her kicking tendencies.

If that doesn't work, well, hopefully I'll have been tortured enough times by then that I will finally learn my lesson!


Dorothy said...

Noah does the same to me so I have pillow between us or I get so beat up and can't sleep as well.


Dorothy from grammology

toomanyhats said...

Lindsay is obviously related to Katelyn...last time we slept in the same bed I said NEVER AGAIN!

bev said...

You all seem to have so much fun. You kids are going to have such great memories. Love it all! next time you take a walk on the wild side, you should find some cat tail roots. Make sure you are far from any road run-off though. Good stuff! Similar to artichoke in flavor.
I used to do sleep outs with my daughters as well. But, I learned quickly that sleeping bags were the way to go. LOL Some of us are just slow learners, right?