Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Author Search..And A Movie In 3-D!

We went to town on Friday this last week. The kids got a great assortment of books from the library, and we managed to make it to the Grocery Outlet, which we missed doing last week, so stocked up a bit this time. I just love seeing how much we save at that store! This time we spent about $64, and saved about $52. Not bad!

Regarding Library books, we're looking for new Authors for Nathan to discover. He really enjoyed Jean M Auel's books, but wasn't crazy about all the "romantic stuff". I have to say, I agree with him there. Although in general I enjoyed the books as much as he did, I thought she went into a bit more sexual detail, and repeated those details too often for my tastes. Fortunately, Nathan is real good at picking those portions out, recognizing when she's leading into it and skipping over it, but still, it would be nice to find something that didn't include all that in the first place for him.

Another Author Nathan really enjoys is Michael Crichton, although it wouldn't hurt my feelings in the least to find an Author that didn't use quite so much "adult" language for his reading pleasure.

I guess his reading interests tend towards Historical Fiction and adventure. He reads at the college and adult level, but also enjoys "young adult" books, especially when they are in a series. He's not really into Sci Fi, and definitely not into "Romance". He does like Nonfiction, but likes a bit of adventure and/or animals involved. Any ideas?

Saturday Night At The Movies

Last night we watched the most entertaining film! The 2008 version of Journey To The Center Of The Earth was a visual delight. Fortunately, we still had our 3-D glasses from the big Superbowl event, so we donned those and enjoyed the movie in all it's intended glory. We did find it a bit irritating, trying to determine when we wanted to wear the glasses, and when we would get more out of it without. It seemed that the appearance of the glowing bird was an indication that a 3-D moment was nigh. If you watch this film, be sure to grab some glasses, and have them ready for use, starting with the scene when they're looking up at the ceiling they notice is "Moving". I also thought the cart ride, prior to the "moving ceiling" was good with the glasses, though Pa thought it was just as good without. Although, at some point we will probably get one of the earlier versions of this film to watch, I think the bits of more current technology, such as the cell phones, made this movie more relevant to the kids than the earlier versions might, and of course the 3-D aspect was cool ;-) Honestly, we all agreed the best of the 3-D was the very end, when they run the credits. Really a fun movie for families with preteens and older!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Dorothy said...

I can't believe it I've never watch a movie in 3-D at least if I did I had to be very young because I can't remember ever doing so. Is that what happens after 60 you can't remember? uhg..whats coming next.

Dorothy from grammology

toomanyhats said...

Sounds like Nathan is ready for the 1000 good books list. You'll find it here: