Sunday, June 15, 2008

To My Daddy

Daddy took a shower
I'm told he left his socks on
Daddy paced the floor, then
Daddy heard a baby cry...
Daddy was a Daddy!

Daddy took us camping
Daddy pitched a tent
Daddy built a campfire
We roasted marshmallows golden

Daddy tied a sparkplug
And a safety pin
On a piece of string
To a long strong stick
Daddy was surprised when
I caught my very first fish!

Every summer Daddy
Got us up quite early
He took us to the beach
Where Haystack Rock loomed large

While Daddy watched, we romped and played
We climbed, we made sandcastles
We caught razor clams and then
Daddy seemed surprised to learn
The clams were not for eating!

Daddy made a patio
Where we entertained our friends
Where picnics were had on the picnic table
And where a duck named Rollo May
Kept us entertained

Daddy took us to the dump
We thought that high adventure
Who but a Daddy could make that trip
One so eagerly anticipated

Daddy was served breakfast
Cooked with loved by me
Daddy thought those eggs just fine
Though I guess I hadn't heard
Oil is an ingredient
You need when frying eggs

Daddy fretted as I grew up
As Daddy's tend to do
I suppose I gave him reasons plenty
But he loved me just the same

Daddy knew one November morn'
What I would soon learn too
My turn to fret was drawing near as
Daddy paced the floor, then
Daddy heard a baby cry...

With all his love, and his two hands
Grandpa made a cradle

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
I love you!


toomanyhats said...

Okay...that's just way cool. I remember all those things....well just about! Good job!

Connie said...

Daddy knew it was my turn to fret...

says it all about becoming a grandparent..