Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Computer Ate My Homework!

Earlier this morning I had a post all but finished. I was on the last paragraph, with one sentence left. I chose that time to head outside for a short break, take a look at the gardens, and breathe in some fresh air. I returned, sat down at the desk and prepared to finish my work. As I glanced at the screen, I was met by an odd, and rather disturbing sight. The screen looked different than when I had left it not more than 5 minutes earlier. While I was outside, Pa had decided to heat up one of his frozen burritos, a favorite breakfast option of his. It seems the computer didn't like sharing the power source with the microwave, and had decided to signal it's discontent by logging me off. That action caused me to lose the entire post! I searched and I searched. The post I had worked so hard on had completely disappeared. How many times had I seen a similar situation portrayed on television, or in a movie, usually in a comical setting which, predictably, caused me to chuckle, or at least crack a smile....I was not smiling this morning. It's not nearly so entertaining when comedy meets real life! *Sigh* Ah well.... On to my Sunday update..

This weeks Backyard View photo was taken by Nathan early last June. Actually, the date was June 8, so exactly a year ago today! Hopefully the sun will cooperate and grace us with it's presence long enough that we can get some more updated photos soon, but in the meantime I'm enjoying browsing through the photographic memories my youngest two children have accumilated in the past couple years.

This last week brought rain, and lots of it. Due to all the rain, we didn't spend so much time outside as we would've liked. I took advantage of the situation by getting at least partially caught up on my knitting. I managed to finish my summer top, and actually wore it on Wednesday when we took Lindsay in for her follow-up eye appointment. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Once I finished that, I got to work on some projects that had been awaiting my attention for quite some time, finishing one, and getting a fair amount done on another. I also ordered some yarn, which was actually on sale, for my next two planned projects. If the sun decides to get over it's shyness for a long enough period of time, I hope to get some snapshots of the sweaters I've knitted this year, and post them here for those who have expressed interest in seeing them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to manage that later on this week.

All the rain we got this last week has made most of my vegetable garden plants very happy. That in turn has made the kittens very happy! They are three healthy, active kittens who are most appreciative of their humans obvious attempts at keeping them entertained. At two months old the kittens are having a grand time discovering the world around them, and the multiple ways they can utilize their surroundings for their amusement. One of their favorite new games involves climbing, and they were delighted to discover their humans had provided, surely for their sole benefit, a brand new piece of climbing equipment, conveniently located right smack dab in the middle of their self proclaimed playground! Not only had we generously provided said climbing equipment, of just the right height for a challenging climb, but we had even included a prize! Should said kittens choose to accept the great climbing challenge, and conquer it, tucked inside the structure is the most fantastic reward, a play area any kitten would envy! There, amongst mounds and mounds of gloriously fluffy soil (a treat in itself), an amazing array of green toys, tucked just deeply enough in the soil that they would stay in place if desired, and spaced just right for running through, and wrestling around. These little green toys are just the right height, and flexible enough for batting about, yet strong enough to hold their own should the kittens choose. Even better though, they are placed just deeply enough in the soil that, if they desire, the kittens can easily dig them out, and reposition them, or simply rip them to shreds, which results in a whole new toy!

Obviously, the humans these kittens are so fond of have some brainstorming to do....

Saturday Night At The Movies

Last nights kiddie feature, Short Circuit, was a repeat performance, first viewed a few years ago. It's a great family romp, packed full of whimsy and adventure. Filmed in Astoria, Oregon, it also features some great scenery, which those from the PNW will recognize and appreciate, while providing a glimpse into our little slice of heaven for those from other areas of our continent, and beyond.

After the kids were tucked snuggly in their beds, Ma and Pa popped in our chosen film for the evening. Something To Talk About, while laced with a bit more "strong" language than I thought necessary, was an entertaining film. The profanity was limited, and possible to get past, so we could enjoy the film for it's main content. It deals with a rather uncomfortable subject for some, infidelity, as well as a somewhat dysfunctional family and the sometimes humorous fallout from both. Julia Roberts fans will enjoy this film, and there are several scenes the Equestrians may appreciate as well.

Currently, outside, the sun is shining. I have dressed for gardening, and am holding out hope that the ground has dried out enough that I can get some weeding done today. Before I can tackle that project though, I have some dishes calling my name, and a pile of laundry that needs tending. And so goes the weekend ritual of this Boondock Ma...


toomanyhats said...

Our dear kitty thinks it's wonderful we installed some nice big kitty litter boxes for her to utilize. grrrr. The neighbors around here say the way to keep kitties out of flower beds...and in our case vegetable beds is to sprinkle cayenne pepper flakes...Could probably be found cheap in the Mexican food section at the grocery store...I've got whole cayenne peppers I might put through the blender....of course you have to be sure and use gloves in the I guess we'd have hot bottomed kitties!

Kim's Mom said...


"Hot bottomed kitties"

I love it!

Linda said...

Loved the story about loosing what u've already written on the computer. Has happened to me plenty of times. Trying to remember what I've written after it happens is a mind boggling experience.
I have a small garden and my beans, cucumbers, and carrots r peeking their heads up, now hopfully rabbits don't get at them like they did a few years ago. lol
Enjoy reading your blog and hope u keep it up. Linda

Kim's Mom said...

Hi Linda!

Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comment.

Rabbits aren't a problem for us, although we have seen a couple around. Maybe the cats are keeping them at a safe distance? Sure wish they had the same effect on the Blue Jays! LOL