Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Preview of Times To Come?

Our neighbors dropped by yesterday evening, and asked if Nathan was available to help out with some chores around their property. This is the second time they have hired him to help out. He works hard, and they pay him well, although I'm not sure what is worth more to him, the money, or the feeling of accomplishment, and, perhaps, just a wee bit of pride ;-)

He spent most of this morning working and came home briefly with a message. They also wanted to hire Lindsay to help pick blackberries. Naturally, I had a hard time holding her back from simply rushing out the door to comply with their wishes. I insisted she have a quick bite to eat and brush her hair before I couldn't hold her back any longer.

And so, here I sit, all alone.

Interestingly enough, there have been a few folks who have brought it to my attention lately that my children probably won't be home with me forever, and then have inquired as to how I might manage once they are gone. I have chosen to smile, declaring that I'm sure I'll manage just fine, then proceeded to shut the whole idea completely out of my mind. I refuse to acknowledge that day may ever come!

Last night I asked Nathan to take care of a spider for me. Seriously, it was HUGE! And really, it was too high for me to reach anyway, so it truly was a justified request. What I felt was totally uncalled for however, was his response to my request. He actually laughed! He took care of the spider for me then he laughed. He then proceeded to ask me the same question as I've heard from various others lately before tacking on his idea of the perfect solution. Lindsay laughed along as he suggested perhaps they just might have to put me in a nursing home.

I'm not sure why both my children are not now experiencing a lifetime of being grounded to their rooms (Which, ironically, would solve my future dilemna). Instead, they are both off working at the neighbors, while I sit here...alone.... keeping a wary eye out for last night's spider's big brother.

Hope you all are having a fun and safe weekend!


HDMac said...

Are you still homeschooling?

Yes, enjoy the times with the kids home.... I think grounded for life sounds like a great plan.... however after a few years of that there might be some serious rebellion! hahaha... enjoy each day, Connie that the Lord gives you!! Love your writing style.. you are always so very interesting! :) Hugs!!

Bev Warner, proprietress said...

I have oft wondered the same things. My children are now working on their lives and I have surrounded myself with good friends. You have your church, now find yourself a knitting group and gather friends close. They are a wonderful and joyous way to celebrate life and our accomplishments.

HDMac said...

Merry Christmas, Connie! I know this can also be a rough time. Praying that you feel the peace and love of the Season..... hugs, Marcia